Hi enrico,
hope u get well with all the bad things happening to you and your
equipment....wish u speedy recovery!!

Now just one tiny little question...
What do u mean "when the development of g1000 is resumed" ?
I know it is off the original schedule u had in mind (end of the year2005 etc
but can u please give me a rough time frame.... what u believe first beta
will come through?
is it like in a month from now..or something more like early summer (june or
later) or is it in such a stage that u cant even give me a rough
I don t want to sound pushy..thats really not my intention...
just because i am waiting for a major change in my cockpit with
implementation of a projector and most probably building a generic cockpit shell in
order to use your ga glass cockpit in combination with 1.the nice eagleosft
cirrus MODEL (no panel)2 the upcoming lancair 400 by eaglesoft again..and
3.having in mind the awaiting certification and production of cessna mustang
and eclipse 500 to be able when they come in the fs world to use them as a
platform too...
i know it sounds crazy not to want to have ONE type of aircraft in your
cockpit...but thats what i would like..
and because i dont know if eventually something like this is feasible...i
stil have in the back of my mind the possibility of the all too popular
737ng...with lots of hardware options available already in the market..and more
to come...

anyway...i got carried away...(AS ALWAYS SOME WOULD SAY!!)

so can u give me an idea ? should i wait a little more ?and after i see the
ga gc to get the cockpit organised ?or should i start the building based on
current status...
with the possibility of something else ?

thanks for any suggestions...

Dimitris Pantoleon
Thessaloniki Greece