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    David Rabiner

    Re: Captain Altimeter reading

    Hi, Pete.

    What I remember about x3324 (I'm out of town and not near the sim) is that
    it shows pressure altitude--aircraft altitude displayed with the altimeter
    set at 29.92. It would give me a different number from the captain's
    altimeter, except when the altimeter was set at 29.92. I could change x3392

    by changing the weather, but not by changing the altimeter setting.

    Am I remembering this wrong?

    Warm regards,

    > Offsets 3324 contains the value that should be shown on the altimeter, as
    > sent by FS to normal FS panel altimeters. Why would the PM GC be
    > different?
    > What conversion do you need?

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    Peter Dowson

    Re: Captain Altimeter reading

    On 3/1/2006 12:22:23 AM, David Rabiner wrote:
    >What I remember about x3324
    >(I'm out of town and not near
    >the sim) is that
    >it shows pressure
    >altitude--aircraft altitude
    >displayed with the altimeter
    >set at 29.92.
    > ...
    >Am I remembering this wrong?

    You most certainly are!

    It is as described:

    "This is the altimeter reading in feet (or metres, if the user is running
    with the preference for altitudes in metres), as a 32-bit signed integer.
    Please check offset 0C18 to determine when metres are used (0C18 contains

    The same value can be calculated from the actual altitude and the difference
    between the QNH and the altimeter “Kollsman” pressure setting, but this
    value ensures agreement."

    It is the value to be shown on the Captain's altimeter.

    Currently FSUIPC doesn't offer the pressure altitude anywhere. You'd have to
    calculate it. It may be available inside FS someplace, but no one has ever
    asked me for it.



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