Hi all!
Iīm beginner with using PM software.
I would like to try PM Glass cockpit demo with PMDG,but I it still doesnīt
work for me.

I have my server PC and my notebook as client pc.
I downloaded modification called "PMDG737700" from here(from Steve Reyling)
and tried to modify my PMDG.
As it was written in manual,I can now select in FS PMDG plane under "project
magenta manufacturer",I load FS and I have plane w/o panel,it is still all
good.So,I connect WideFS with WideClient on my notebook...it wrotes -host
connected...so I think,it is also good.On notebook I start GCDemo and here
it appears displays in "unaligned IRS mode" and nothing functions.

I really donīt know,where I do the mistake

Do I have to download else modification for PMDG?If yes,where?

Could you help me?? Or give me any advice?(my icq: 306-346-772 email: