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    Fabrizio De Napoli

    Re: CPflight and battery

    Hi Pete,
    I just tested with MCP build 404 and it works correctly as for you.
    Waiting for a fix.


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    Peter Dowson

    Re: CPflight and battery

    On 2/26/2006 2:17:26 PM, Fabrizio De Napoli wrote:
    >Hi Pete,
    >I just tested with MCP build
    >404 and it works correctly as
    >for you.

    Ah, thanks ... at least Enrico will now know it is not specific to one
    hardware device, and the bug happened between 404 and 406. I think actually
    between 404 and 405 but I got inconsistent results with 405 so I am not sure.

    >Waiting for a fix.

    Yes, but meanwhile version 404 isn't bad.



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