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    Kev Stef

    Flightplan disappearing

    Does anyone know why the flightplan in the ND shows my departing airport to
    my destination in a straight line only? What I'm saying is, I'll create a
    flightplan with waypoints into the CDU. Execute and saves fine. Then, in my
    ND display, I'll have the created flightplan visible fine. I'll then proceed
    to take-off, fly about 4 minutes, and then the flightplan turns into a
    straight line from A airport to B airport. Then after about a minute the full
    flightplan appears again. This happens continuously, back and forth.
    Obviously I have a problem. I'm using all newest bulds. File check passes fine.
    Any ideas?


    Kev Stefan

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    Thomas Ohnacker

    Flightplan disappearing

    I had similar problem.
    After flying a plan from EDDC to EDDF I entered a new route
    manualy into the CDU. A small tour around Frankfurt airport.
    I execuded the plan and I could see in the PFD.
    After a while, suddenly the plan disappeared. I pushed EXEC again and the
    plan was back for a few time and disappeared again. Always when I push EXEC it
    comes back.

    I use latest update of CDU, PFD and MCP



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