Dear fellow builders,

I have been working with the 737NG090 version for some days now and it really
seems to be a big step forward towards realism. I have to admit I´ m not a
professional pilot and can only judge from what I have learnt on forums
like this one. So I compare the behaviour of my pmSystems overhead panel
connected via IOCards to a hardware panel with the behaviour of the original
PMDG overhead. I came upon some differences and would like to ask if someone
could please explain me what is more realistic and how to solve the
problems I experience.

1) With the 737NG090 files, the sixpack lights do not extinguish when I turn
off the battery (they do with the original pmsys737.txt file). I did not
notice any difference in the logics section, so where is the mistake?

2) The EmerExit light does not extinguish when I turn of the battery. I think
it should?

3) The Transfer Bus Off lights on my hardware overhead panel do not go on
when turning on the battery. I checked the configuration a thousand times and
I´ m sure I did not make a mistake with IOCard software (I programmed the
leds to go on when bits 0 and 1 of $5635 have value 1 and to extinguish when
these bits have value 0). I can control the leds with Configiocards.exe
like all the other leds).
The Transfer Bus Off lights however go on when I turn on ground power or APU
power. It´s always the other way around as it should be, but as I
programmed the leds like any other led, I don´ t see where the mistake comes from.

I hope out there is someone who can help. Thank you very much in advance.