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    Thomas Richter

    PMsystems & IOcards

    Hi Brad,

    >Configured the Address:$56B0
    >and Length:2 under "Variables"
    >and the other fields left

    $56B0 has to be 1 Byte length !! The second byte is for the switches !!
    You also have to use the SETBIT/CLRBIT-Function then it will work.
    56B0 .0 Fwd1PumpFault
    56B0 .1 Fwd2PumpFault
    56B0 .2 Aft1PumpFault
    56B0 .3 Aft2PumpFault
    56B0 .4 Ctr1PumpFault
    56B0 .5 Ctr2PumpFault
    56B0 .6 Stab1PumpFault
    56B0 .7 Stab2PumpFault

    Best Regards
    Thomas Richter

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    Brad Heller

    PMsystems & IOcards

    Thanks Thomas,

    Don't understand what your trying to say there. Not that knowledgable yet on
    this stuff but I've already got it sorted out.


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