Hi all,
I have posted some nice pictures of the A380 while on ground in Canada.

Ramp View of A-380 at Vancouver. Biggee!

The twin-deck A-380 dropped into YVR (Vancouver BC) a few days ago, just after a snow melt and just before the third major snow storm hit (rare on the Pacific coast even up here, for you southerners copied). The A-380 was on it's around the world airport and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) compatibility proving flight.

The wingspan is impressive, and it needs a lot of GSE support, but no big deal to handle vs B-747-400. The aircraft required 4 CAU's (Heater/Coolers) and 4 GPUs. Some of the photos are at YVR's remote taxi-thru de-icing centre which was busy. Trans-Pacific jumbos take up to 30 minutes to deice, and they all depart in the same time period, so many pads required. Glycol is recovered but not re-constituted and recycled on-site like at some more winter-prone airports. For non-airline people, the orange coloured fluid is Type-II de-ice fluid over-coat for holding. The colour is added so you can be sure to cover all the clear type-I. Due to precip just at freezing temp and ice build-up, the A-380 fuselage also had to be type-II'd. Photos 015 and 014 show the three-axle MLG inboard trucks that do scrub a bit on tight turns. Photo 039 shows the size of the NLG towing pawl.