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    Matt Olieman

    Curved Screen and Curved Mirror

    Several months ago I mentioned I got the aluminum frame for my curved
    screen, using Warvet's (Tim) principal. After I got it, it wasn't quite the

    way I wanted it..... (what else is new... right?) Anyway, I finally got it

    back with some excellent adjustments and am in the process of installation.

    I'll end up mounting an ultra white material to the frame (currently a white

    plastic non-glare). Eventually I would like to find a projection screen
    material, highly reflective.

    The mirror will be on top of the shell, slightly curved to compensate for
    the curvature of the screen.

    Here is a couple of pics of my mess, I'll try to keep you up to date here or

    you can visit my web-site at this page (beware, I'm in the midst of redoing

    my site, it's pretty much, back up to date, but more entrees will be made):

    The following photo I currently have one of two sections, when the two
    sections are connected it will go round 155 degrees.

    The following is the frame for the Projector Stands. Projector will be
    above the screen frame, projecting toward the mirror on top of the shell.

    More info later.

    Matt O.

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    Here is an interesting screen paint link that I bumped into... might check it out!

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