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    Enrico Schiratti

    GAGC Update (new page)


    due to a lot of other coding I couldn't work a lot on the
    GAGC software, but I did post a new page with some current
    screenshots on

    The bezels are all done in vector graphics (they can be
    switched off of course), and to make documentation easier,
    the keyboard commands for the various buttons and knobs can
    be shown within the program.

    I am getting quite close to the release of the initial
    version, I am waiting on new fonts that have to be made for
    this software - gives me some time to add features.



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    Dimitris Pantoleon

    GAGC Update (new page)

    oh my god enrico they look if only u can design an stec
    autopilot as an external program (like the mcp ( i know i am asking alot )to go
    with these...and get my hands on a G1000 tutorial !!!!!!(did u see the
    actual FMS keypad unit they are going to implement on the G1000??

    i think i ll go for the general aviation cockpit..than the b737 i was leaning

    Now with the glass panel u change the type of airplane u are flying and u can
    have a full working glass panel for anything that has the G1000 on
    it...without the hassle of the garmin430 or 530 with touchscreens lcd (quite
    amazing saw it somewhere)etc etc....
    just some kind of I/O cards to implement the bezel buttons..and the
    pushbuttons, the knobs etc using keyboard commands and fsuipc and the default
    panelor no panel...
    ..and a nice flight dynamics model...(dont forget many very light jets are
    going to have the g1000 in like cessna mustang eclipse jet etc...WOW)
    and there u go....

    now i can hardly wait..!!!!

    Dimitris Pantoleon

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