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Thread: PMRJ, Build 70

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    Elisio Cruz

    PMRJ, Build 70

    HI, PM People !

    I have a PMRJ and it worked very well. Yesterday, I made th eupdate of the
    Wide FS, FSUIPC and of the PMRJ ( build 70 ). After that, the PMRJ stopped
    working: It opens as a black screen and theh computer freezes. What is wrong



    NOTE: below is my PMFilecheck:

    pmFileCheck Build 36
    Opening Connections

    Local Path: C:\pmRJ3

    Checking Computer and User Name
    Local Computer Name: MICRO
    Local User Name: Administrador

    !! FSUIPC/WideFS NOT found.
    Please run either program so the system can be tested.

    Can't check FSPLANS path
    > Please share the FS flightplan folder as FSPLANS and share your main FS

    path over the network.

    Closing Everything

    1/9/2006 9:10:15 AM

    Things To Do:

    * Run/Install FSUIPC and WideFS
    * Share FS Flightplan folder over the NetWork as FSPLANS

    If you wish to, please check

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    Elisio Cruz

    PMRJ, Build 70

    Complementing my previous e-mail, I just found out, in "WideClient Log":

    1192 connection made ok !
    3063 new client application; pmsounds (ID=3492)
    8623 block sequence error: expected 135 but received 136

    Any ideas ?



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