On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 15:00:50 EST, Jon Boe wrote:

> I'm sorry if this has been answered before -- I searched bofore posting but

> couldn't find anything.
> When I extend the flaps I get an indication from up to flaps 1, push F7

> and it extends further but still shows "1" on the EICAS, when I push again

> I get flaps 5. However, when I go to the next detent, it shows flaps 10
> momentarily, then goes on to flaps 20. The rest of the extension is

> Everything agrees between the aircraft file in the CDU as well as the
> aircraft.cfg file in FS9. What am I missing?

Check the online documentation to modify the flaps positions in the
aircraft type file according to the flight model that you are using:

All the Best
Katy Pluta