I am working also with 744 pmsystem,
Hydraulic´panal works, but anouncers in hydr. panel dont work in my setup.
(PRESS, SYS FAULT), also interaction to lower Eicas in Hydraulic is fine.
Electric panel is simmilar to hydraulic, working, but a lot of indicator
lights on buttons dont come up. Interaction to lower Eicas also is fine.
Fuel Panel only left hand (Engine 1,2) and seems to work, PRESS on some
Buttons dont come up. Color change in lower eicas also is working for some.
Pneumatic working too, but it seems there was an internal change between
pmsystem 46 and 48 but I am not sure. If APU is running, Left and right
bleedpsi (1/2) are raising very very slow in pmsystem48. Something about 8 minutes
to reach 21 indicated psi, which are neccesary to start engines. I think
in pmsystem46 both values raises faster.

All over I think good work for a prerelease version.

I got my Version (747-400) on 15th of December 2004, is there a newer version