First of all I am a "returning user" of PM (been away from FS for a couple
of years), so I will begin to appologize if its simply me who has
misunderstood something.

Whenever I (so far only tested with the mouse) click the STA, WPT, APT, DATA

or POS buttons on the MCP the ND always changes from the current mode (e.g.

MAP) to APP-mode. Isn't this a bug? shouldn't the ND stay at the current
mode no matter if you ask it to show/hide WPT, APT ... ?

My other problem is I can't make the CDU control the altitude. I am not sure

that this is a bug though, this is probably because I have forgot something

(however a few pointers what I should check would be nice). Basically I had

programmed a VERY simply flightplan only with: an Origin, Destination and a

final fix 10 NM out of the final destination. During the flight I added a
few wayoints (and each time EXECuted the changes). For all of the Legs I
confirmed the altitude (first clicking the RSK buttons "moving" the
speed/altitude to the scratchpad then clicking the RSK again to "move" the
speed/altitude back - not written with bigger letters to show it had been
confirmed) - and re-EXECuting if required). The MCP was operating in
LNAV/VNAV mode however it didn't change altitude at all !?

During the process described above I noticed a bug when confirming the
speed/altitudes. If I for instance pressed F7 (for the CDU) on my keyboard
to move the speed/altitude to the scratchpad nothing happend however if I
instead used the mouse to click the "graphical-button" the speed/altitude
was "moved" to the scratchpad as it should.

I am running CDU, MCP on the same PC, and ND on another PC (on a secondary
monitor of the PC running FS2004) - all are the latest versions (unless you

uploaded a new version within the last 2 days ).