First, I cannot get the VS mode to engage with an EPIC button. The button on
our physical MCP for VS is working properly and is seen by FSUIPC. I
assign it to the PM MCP VS button assignment in FSUIPC but when I push the
physical button, there is no reaction in the PM MCP (the corresponding button
in the software does not engage). I have double checked the FSUIPC
assignment and confirmed that the button is working and seen by FSUIPC. Any

Second, just like the VS button, the IAS/MACH button is giving me a similar
problem. However, when I press the physical IAS/MACH button to toggle the
speed mode (again, assigned via FSUIPC) the IAS display window in the PM MCP
software goes from displaying the current speed to displaying MACH for
less than one second and then displays "000". Pressing the button again does
nothing and I have to click on the corresponding IAS/MACH button in the PM
software with a mouse to get back into IAS or MACH mode.

Any suggestions?