The menu key, just press it twice...

People were complaining about unrealistic entries on that page, so they were


Like pressing the RTE key twice to load FS flight plans.



"Craig Mosher" wrote in message
> Hi
> My 358 CDU/Menu page only shows FMC and ACARS on the left side (Boeing
> Suite, 737)
> Pushing the blank LSK's below those two will bring up the proper subpages
> (nav/rad/xpdr, set sim position, display etc), so the function seems OK.
> There are missing entries on the right side as well, everything below
> EICAS/select.
> Has the Altimeter setting vanished from the nav/rad/xpdr page as well?
> Don't
> see it there.
> Anyone else see these issues?
> Radeon 9600Pro with 412's