Hi Gert,
Can you tell me which Phidgets I/O you used for it. I suppose the one for
the leds, but then which ones you use for the switches . In the B744 you all

have the K-Switches in the overhead Its ON or OFF
Thanks for your help


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"Gert Van der Winden" wrote in message
> Hi Juan,
> You may find more info about a 737NG Overhead panel on www.737cockpit.com

> or
> direct online shop at www.lhshop.nl.
> I'm using this overheadpanel now together with pmSystems and connected by
> Phidgets I/O charts www.phidgetsusa.com, works and looks just like the
> real
> one!
> See also the pictures,
> Regards,
> Gert