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Thread: Flight planning

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    Jaaky Krant

    Flight planning

    Dear Farts,

    Normally I use the excellent Flitestar flight planner by Jeppesen, but I
    want to make a few flights that go outside the covered area (and I do not
    want to expand my expensive Flitestar subscription for just a few flights),
    I'm talking EHAM-KBOS, EHAM-KEWR, EHAM-FACT (CapeTown).
    So I'm looking for a flightplanner (NOT FSNavigator) or ready made flight
    plans for the B767-300ER.
    I understand that FSBuild is a very good one, but it does not come with
    performance data (also not on their web site) for the B767, so I will have
    to enter them myself. Do any of you have the program and can you confirm
    that the entering of the data is quite straightforward. Or is there another
    planner having the data allready preconfigured or do you have another
    suggestion ???


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    Jaaky Krant

    Re: Flight planning

    ofcourse there is allways Routefinder...

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    Jaaky Krant

    Re: Flight planning

    ofcourse there is allways Routefinder...

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    Graeme Rodgers

    Flight planning

    I have used the Danur FOC2003 flight planner for about 18mths now. It is well
    worth the cost. I also purchase 12mths worth of weather access which gets
    built into the flight plans. (The unmentionable provides that site access -
    but I can live with that). I also use the latest release they put out -
    Weather Centre which gives instant readouts of metar, STAF and LTAF of any
    list of airports you wish to create. This also provides instant links to the
    internet weather maps which you set up very easily.

    In the default a/c for FOC2003 is a 763ER. You can tweak the performance very
    easily in all modes, ETOPS etc is all provided along with the trans
    atlantic and pacific routes.

    I set up my own a/c specs and it is very accurate. You can export to variou
    FS flight plan formats. I use mine with an INS system and print the flight
    plan (3 formats available) at 140% to use enroute and its excellent.

    There is a very good support forum attached to the unmentionable's site.

    cheers Graeme

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