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Thread: PMDG 737NG 800

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    John Ebbers

    PMDG 737NG 800

    have this stuff;

    PC 1 : Flightsimulator 2004, PM MCP, PM SOUND, MCP (from CPFlight)
    PC 3 : FMC, EICAS
    PC 4 : 2nd EICAS

    Yesterday I wonna to install the PMDG 737-800;

    Installed Patch 4 for MCP (from CPFlight) -> putted in the PMDG folder in
    Installed PMDG_737_NNEXT_GEN_800_900
    installed PMDG_737_800_900_SERVICE_UPDATE_1
    installed lew 800 livery

    when I start FS and select my liverry from the 800 series, its start normaly,
    the PM software workt fine, but when after t/o I select A/P on, I contunlt
    hear the a/p disconnect soun, and the MCP does nothing that I turn in the

    Someone knows this problems, can tell me there type of install with the PMDG
    0, maybe you can include files ??? please let me know

    John Ebbers

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    Karl Bates

    PMDG 737NG 800

    Hi John,

    Yes I too have the same thing, Although the PMDG patches are there to solve
    conflict problems, I think that they dont allways work. It is still
    conflicking with the PM FMC
    Try and run it with the default 737-400 and see if it runs ok. If it does
    then the problem is PMDG with PM. On that subject, has anyone managed to get
    these two pieces of software running together correctly.



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