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    Peter Dowson

    Re: Wideserver multi clients

    On 12/28/2004 9:05:30 AM, Marcus Schneider wrote:
    >I just did some tests with
    >6.4.4. again
    >It worked for a complete
    >flight (first time)
    >Then started a second flight
    >and after takeoff he started
    >the multiple
    >connections ((((
    >No way here, downgrading now
    >to 6.4.1 again...

    That's not very helpful, is it? No support is available for those who retreat
    to old versions. If there are problems, I need to be able to fix them. So
    far, out of thousands of users, I have three or four with the "send queue
    over 100" connection problems, even with the version 6.441 I provided

    I need those with such problems (which I cannot reproduce) to try to achieve
    good results by manipulating some of the new WideClient.INI parameters. For

    1. Increase "ApplicationDelay" from 0 to 6, or other values between.

    2. Increase "SendScanTime" from 10 to something bigger -- try 50 or more. The
    higher this is, the lower you should be able to set the

    3. Increase "MaxSendQ" from 100. But this tends to simply delay the

    4. Change "WhenMaxSendQ=Recon" to "Flush". (This may stop the reconnections
    but may give, instead, other weird unexplained errors on occasion -- it was
    these which prompted these additional checks in the first place!).

    I am thinking of changing the defaults in WideClient, again. However, I don't
    weant to destroy the performance gains I've made recently, so I'm not
    rushing into anything. Since I cannot reproduce the problems I am trying to
    gather data from each of those who can reproduce these problems, please.

    But if you insist on sticking to 6.41, do so and never come back for more
    support from me, please.



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    Patrick Smith

    Re: Wideserver multi clients

    I see these problems occurring in some peoples systems but not mine and this

    is fine as certain parameters somewhere in others are different,my fears are

    thus as with PM,when the updates come out am i fixing something that's not
    broke! or is ok to go ahead and insert the fix?sometimes,not all,but
    sometimes i have to go back to a previous update to get flying again untill

    another fix comes to fix that fix,dont mean to be a smarty but it is a fact

    of life in this hobby,regards Patrick.

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