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    Hardware Panels et al

    Can anyone make any recommendations or accounts of some of the various panels
    and hardware for building a flight deck? I've been looking at Flight Deck
    Solutions and their stuff looks good but I'd like to get some opinions or
    even other suggestions for getting started.

    Also, what electronics are people using? I've seen Phidgits, FSBUS and Epic
    - anyone have any accounts of their favorite? Most seem to have interfaces
    directly to Flight Sim, but I was hoping to use the PM stuff.



    Jason Bennett
    My Newbie 737 NG Sim Site

    There are 10 types of people in the world, those who can read binary, and
    those that can't.

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    Chris Whitley

    Hardware Panels et al

    I don't think you can go wrong with FDS for panels. I've got pretty much all
    their stuff now and am delighted with it. There are others making noise,
    but I've seen far too meny promises and far too little in terms of

    Regarding h/w - I started with EPIC but have now binned that (too expensive
    and FAR too complicated) and have moved to IOCards using SIOC software -
    very cheap, reasonable support (if you can speak Spanish) and very
    configurable (SIOC is just great, if a little longwinded).

    All this is interfaced through Project Magenta - mostly through PMSystems,
    the CDU and MCP.


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