I'm not sure if my last post about the Address Bar flashing is related to this one so I started a new post. I was using the ProSim737 and every time I would try to start my engines using the Overhead Panel they would spool up and then shut down. I would have to start my engines using Ctrl-E but then they would go to max throttle and my CH Pro Throttles would have no effect. I tried using the CH Control Manager to calibrate them and they were working fine there. I went into FSUIPC and checked my calibration there and it was ok. I have them disabled in FSX Controls. I discovered today that if I hold down the Ctrl key the engines return to idle, as soon as I let go they return to max. Also, if I change to the default Cessna 172 and try to turn the engines of using the mouse on the key it just jumps back to on. Also, if I tap the ALT key, instead of highlighting the upper FSX menu it brings up the End Flight box. I wonder if something in Windows7 has changed the function of my Ctrl and Alt keys or if they have changed in FSX somehow.