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    Michel Vandaele

    Re: Software Development 747 Systems

    Hi Jonanthan,

    Great to hear you are working on it.
    The fuel synoptics are looking ok as far I see. I will send you separately

    some more info and graphics.
    Nevertheless I give you here some basics and the tank synoptics.

    Center Wing tank / Main tanks

    White - pump switch off
    Green - pump on
    Amber - pump pressure low

    Stabilizer tank

    White - pumps switch off
    Cyan - armed for system logic operation
    Green - pump on
    Amber - pump pressure low

    Valve indications

    White - indicates open or closed position of crossfeed valve
    Green - indicates open or closed positions of crossfeed valve with fuel
    Amber - valve position disagrees with commanded position
    Magenta - whenever the valve is in transit.

    Btw this is the same with other moving parts synoptics, for exemple gear,
    when in transit flap indicator figure (1 -5 -10...) is magenta when in
    transit and it become green when in position.

    total fuel figure = white .

    titles = cyan



    Michel VANDAELE
    Member of the board FSCB
    EBOS2002 Designteam
    My B744 simulator project

    > We are currently working on the 747 systems, if any 747-400 experts can
    > see
    > any "graphical" errors with the Fuel system display (attached image) can
    > you
    > please let me know. We will be doing all the pages along with the systems
    > over the next few days and thus any corrections would be helpful to know
    > about. Thank you.
    > Panel conditions shown:
    > Amber Box: Pump ON but no pressure or fuel in tank
    > Empty White Box: Fuel pump OFF
    > Green Box: Pump ON with Fuel
    > Regards
    > Jonathan Richardson



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    Jonathan Richardson

    Re: Software Development 747 Systems

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for the info. If you have further ref pics, please let me have
    them. I have moved this posting to the pmSystems section.


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