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    Those of you who have browsed my website will have seen several pictures of
    this fine pilot. I first met him when I was nineteen and he was thirty one.
    He was the Commanding Officer of 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron and I was just
    joining, fresh from training. It was November 1952. He became my great hero
    and mentor and he played a huge part in shaping my life. I will miss him
    very much but always remember fondly the tremendous adventures that we shared
    on that fine squadron that he moulded to his very high standards. It is now
    November 2004...Half a century on, and he has gone but I'll never forget

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    Graeme Rodgers


    Hi Peter,
    Great reading that article. Sadly more and more of those great aviators are
    being lost. I mix with some in their 80's at our air museum and boy what
    they have lived through with regard to aviation. Not one of them is game to
    take a seat in that new fancy rocket machine though.


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