Dear all,
after dis-appointing attempts at keyboard hacking I finally made a plug-and-play switch interface. I don't like having to keep adding bits and pieces even though I can write a bit of code, I just wanted to add switches and go.

I have made a few extra and made them available on ebay at:

Upto 128 sequences in 4 Banks of 32 momentary or toggle operations are available.

Being truely Plug&Play does mean that you are stuck with my selection but if you talk to me nicely then I might be able to do something about that.

It will suit those that desire to add 'proper' switches to a PC based Flight Simulator but baulk at the need for programming or extra configuration and so has been designed as truely "plug-and-play". The possibility to customize each input is built in to allow those with only a little computer savvy to assign each function to suit their specific needs.