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    Katy Pluta

    Re: two pm rj on one pc 500mhz under win98

    Hi Dimitris,

    Did you make sure that the video drivers are correctly installed?
    Anyway under Windows 98 OpenGL will not be accelerated on both
    monitors, you need Windows 2000 or XP for this...

    All the Best
    Katy Pluta

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    Dimitris Pantoleon

    Re: two pm rj on one pc 500mhz under win98

    yes katy drivers were the correct ones for win 98 and installed....i think it
    had something to do with win98 AND
    m/board with only 2x agp

    i ve given up this idea actually since i dug an old pentium as well at 500mhz
    and will use one for captains and one for eicas
    with one monitor and an old 32mb asus card it gives out a very respectable
    300 benchmark....

    i just need to find time to install a fressh win98 clean setup AND ask for a
    new key reg afer i install pm rj on that one as well... just dont have
    time right now since i just turned to fs9 and i am still cleaning small bugs
    concerning the sim wideview etc

    will get back to u for the key.
    thanks very much for the reply though


    U never know what u might help u do in your sim!!!!!!!