> While I am here, I find that with every new build, I have to reconfigure
> the
> screen layout which is becoming tedious. Is there any way to circumvent
> this?

How do you update? Every new build only has an EXE and a DLL file, you
should simply place them in an *existing* full setup folder, the positions
and settings are stored in the .INI and the .SET file and should never be
affected by a build update.

> I tried changing FontFactor from 0, and the font will appear, expect that

> it
> is draws all over the screen, giving the appearance of something which
> should be submitted for next years Turner prize !

How did it get to 0 in the first place?

> In desperation, I reverted to Build 37's pmrj.dll file. Not sure whether I

> am
> doing the right thing, but it works!

No, please do not do that...