The motorized TQ I have is from Symolatory (Polydragnot).
Inside there are 3 cards :
- Leo Bodnar BU836X card for all axis / buttons
- Phidgets 1064 card , connected to : trimswheels
- Phidgets 1061 card , connected to : left throttle , right throttle and speedbrake

Using the Phidget Control Panel verytwhing is working correctly.

However when starting up FS2Phidget ( v4.3.65 ) the right throttle immediately jumps forward to max and I can here the servo buzzing , trying to push even further forward.
The keft throttle, speedbrake and trimwheels remain still.

To stop this I not only have to close Fs2Phidget, but also have to shut down th epower to the servo.

Anyone can tell me how to start the program without the right throttle jumping forward ?

Nb 1: V4.3.65 was the only one that worked without error messages on my W7 64 bit system

Nb 2 : I wrote Polydragnet twice to get a driver, but they never responded