The Mycockpit // IFSBI team is very pleased to announce that Project Magenta has decided to move their Forum to our site forums. We invite all to continue sharing questions and tips at this new location. If you have any suggestions please post them in the PM General Q&A sub-forum. A big thank you to the Project Magenta team for putting confidence in us, and we will do our utmost to keep the flow of information going.

Here is a selection of Enrico's post on his decision to move the forum.
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After having been pointedly absent from these forums for months, this
Reappearance has something to do with another change that is going to take place

For some time now we are trying to channel customer support
requests to the E-mail address rather
than to this forum.
Let's cut to the chase... We are going to close down the forums/newsgroups
In the near future (a month or so), I will ask the provider of this
service to give us some kind of searchable file for the future, but it has
been a Unanimous decision on our side to do this.

Now, as there are several well-visited organization-websites and other company forums with simulator building as a main topic, the necessity for a dedicated Project
Magenta forum is not as bad as it was a couple of years ago, and there is going
to be at least one good alternative. Having discussed this with Matt Olieman of
IFSBI, he has been so kind to add a Special Project Magenta section to their
forums ( This would be a good place for pure and unadulterated exchanges about something which ties all of us here.
I sincerely hope this is seen for what it is, an attempt to focus on work in a more systematic way, without allowing confusion about how to resolve Support issues directly with us through