One of the major leaps forward for gaming in Windows Vista is our newest graphics technology, DirectX 10. With DirectX 10, developers will have more graphics power at their fingertips than ever before. There will be fewer limits as they create virtual worlds, complex animations, or real-time environments. With Windows Vista just around the corner, Windows gaming will change forever. On Wednesday, that change begins with the launch of the very first, Windows Vista ready, DirectX 10 video cards.
These video cards will not only support DirectX 10-enabled games and software, but will also render current DirectX 9 games twice as fast as the fastest current high-end video card.
I have the pleasure of currently being in San Jose to attend the NVIDIA launch event happening tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. The launch event will kick off at 11:30am with a press conference, followed by a lunch reception with hands-on gameplay.
The event is taking place in a series of three tents, the combined size of which is more than 3 football fields, taking up a massive parking lot in downtown San Jose, California. I've snapped some pictures, below, to show what things look like during setup prior to the event happening tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what NVIDIA will show tomorrow, and I'm especially excited about the upcoming games that will leverage the new API, like Crysis, Company of Heroes, Flight Sim X. Keep an eye out for more information and pictures tomorrow, as well as more details on the hardware from!