IndiGo, the new low-fare carrier headquartered in New Delhi, India, celebrated the delivery of its first A320 family aircraft, on July 28th, 2006, becoming the latest Airbus operator. IndiGo placed a firm order for 100 A320 family aircraft in June 2005.

IndiGo will receive five more aircraft this year, followed by more in 2007. The airline will receive the delivery of all 100 A320 family aircraft by 2016.

Bruce Ashby, CEO, IndiGo, accepted the aircraft at a ceremony held in Toulouse. "IndiGo is built for people with things to do, places to be and people to see, who don't want to waste time, money or energy in the process," Ashby said. "The team at IndiGo has designed an airline with affordable fares that has cut red tape and hassles, opening up a country full of opportunities."

IndiGo is India's newest low-fare domestic airline. Its fleet of brand new Airbus A320 family aircraft will soon connect destinations across India.

"IndiGo is our largest customer in India, and we look forward to the airline's successful expansion with our aircraft," said Christian Streiff, Airbus President and CEO. "India is a very important market for Airbus and with the low-cost model gaining popularity, airlines like IndiGo are set to revolutionise the growth in air travel in the regional" he added.

Designed to optimise revenue through cabin adaptability and passenger comfort, the A320 family feature the most modern and complete fly-by-wire technology available on any single-aisle aircraft in the 100-220-seat category.

The A320 family of aircraft is the most popular aircraft in the world with more than 4360 already ordered. In 2005, it outsold the competition by almost two to one. The cabin is the widest in its class, setting the standard for passenger cabin flexibility in this segment. It allows for best-in-class comfort with wider seats and aisles.

All A320 Family aircraft share the same type rating, allowing pilots to fly all of them and enabling the same team of mechanics to maintain the aircraft. This level of operational commonality among aircraft is unique to Airbus and generates valuable savings in training and operational efficiency.

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE System.