Pharmair Corporation, a privately held Florida-based company, has taken delivery of an Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ), becoming the first US customer for one of the company's business jets, as well as a new operator.

The aircraft, which was delivered without its cabin, is to be completed by Airbus-approved outfitter Associated Air Center, a Landmark company, at its facility in Dallas, Texas. It is powered by CFM International CFM56-5B7/P engines.

Airbus' ACJ Family has won some 70 sales to date, and is the preferred choice of companies, governments and individuals, building on the A320 Family’s success.

The Airbus A320 Family, from which the ACJ is derived, really is a star performer, having won more than 900 sales last year, which was almost twice as many as its closest competitor .

The Airbus ACJ Family, which comprises the A318 Elite, the ACJ and the A320 Prestige, features a cabin that is 7 in wider on the inside than its closest competitor, delivering unmatched comfort to passengers. Its wider fuselage is also unique in its class in featuring outward-opening cargo-doors, providing better cargo capability and greater flexibility in carrying additional fuel-tanks for longer missions.

The Airbus ACJ Family is by far the most modern design of any top-of-the-line business jet, delivering extra value in features such as fuel-saving wingtip-fences, cost-saving centralised maintenance and weight-saving composites. It also delivers on many other benefits that have become the hallmark of Airbus aircraft - such as a pilot-friendly common cockpit, fly-by-wire controls and category 3B autoland.

In addition, the Airbus A320 Family's youthful design is backed by a host of practical advantages, such as larger cargo-hold doors, a choice of engines and auxiliary power units, and the advantage of being certificated to carry more than 20 revenue-paying passengers.

Airbus' worldwide support network provides technical advice, training and spare parts to many small fleets - about a half of its operators fly five aircraft or less. Reliability is also outstanding among Airbus A320 Family operators, with the last 250 aircraft in service consistently delivering an operational reliability of 99.6 per cent.

Total sales of the Airbus A320 Family stand at more than 4,300, more than 2,700 of which have been delivered. The family has more than 200 customers and operators.

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE Systems.