Kingfisher Airlines is to acquire 30 more Airbus A320 Family aircraft, continuing its major fleet expansion. Deliveries of the aircraft, which will comprise a mix of A319s and A320s, are due to begin in early 2008.

Kingfisher already flies seven Airbus A320s on routes among Indian cities, and also has three A319s on order which are due for delivery by December 05. Its new aircraft will be powered by International Aero Engines V2500s, like its existing fleet.

“We have had a wonderful start to our Airbus A320 services within India – our guests love the aircraft and are delighted with what we offer, which is an attractive and unique travel experience at an affordable price,” says Dr .Vijay Mallya, Chairman of UB Group, one of India’s largest companies and the parent company of Kingfisher Airlines. “And when you like a product, you go out and buy more, which is what we are doing today with our additional Airbus A320 order.”

Kingfisher is a rapidly growing force in India, having taken a six per cent share of the domestic market in just six months. The Airline announced the acquisition of five Airbus A380s, five Airbus A330s and five Airbus A350s – for use on international services - earlier this year. Its latest acquisition means that it will have an A320 Family fleet totalling more than 40 aircraft.

“Kingfisher may be young and dynamic, but it is also backed by the resources of a large and successful company, and it has the vision and determination to satisfy the large untapped demand that still exists for air travel in India,” says Airbus President and CEO Gustav Humbert. “When you are successful, you grow rapidly, and it is great news that Kingfisher has again chosen Airbus aircraft for its fleet expansion.”

When value-based carriers buy new aircraft, they increasingly turn to the Airbus A320 Family, which enjoys the lion’s share of sales in this category.

The Airbus A320 Family has by far the most modern design in its class, with a cabin that allows wider seats for passengers, excellent economy, and the lowest operating costs in its class. It enjoys features that competing aircraft lack, such as centralised maintenance, category 3B autoland, and wingtip fences as standard.

With almost 3,800 sales and some 200 customers and operators, the Airbus A320 Family is the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft, with both full-service and low-cost carriers.

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE Systems.