Airbus has conceived yet another innovative solution for customers with a dedicated site capable of hosting medical equipment on-board its aircraft. While the medical aspect of the onboard medical site remains the responsibility of the individua l airline, customers might use a choice of equipment that will not encroach upon valuable commercial seat space.

The aim of the medical site is to provide a specially dedicated area where a passenger can be installed in case of medical evacuation or relocated and treated in the event of illness. This is bringing an additional sign of care for travellers and for passengers of increasing ages wishing to travel more extensively. The first proposed site will undergo initial testing on the cabin-fitted A380 development aircraft during route proving flights.

The concept of the on-board medical site will be easily adapted to all aircraft in the Airbus family. Three versions of the site corresponding to different levels of medical performance could be offered to customers to enable either first aid type diagnosis, general medicine or emergency medicine treatment procedures. It has the ability to handle any unforeseen medical evacuation or in-flight emergency and enables communication with an expert medical centre on the ground (telemedicine).

The medical site will occupy a restricted space in any type of cabin, and will accommodate a couch that can be converted into a patient table, along with an attendant seat and flexible stowage for medical and technical equipment, including respirator, oxygen, electrocardiogram (ECG) etc. It is possible to update the on-board medical site without having to modify the aircraft structure.

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