Hello guys and gals,
I thought this might be the best place to ask about a procedure for crossing the South Atlantic. Probably like most of you I cross the Atlantic (on VATSIM) often and I'm fully conversant () with NATs and the ETOPS set up. Recently a few of us from my VA flew to Haiti from Dublin. The NAT requirement made it a very long flight indeed! But aircraft cross the South Atlantic or mid-Atlantic daily going from Europe or Africa to Brazil etc....

I cannot find much info on those tracks. I believe they are fixed and do not change, as the weather in that part of the world is pretty stable. Does anyone know how to find them? Is there a site anywhere, or a list of FMC waypoints?

I'd appreciate any info on this. For our return flight we would rather fly back via southern Europe. Might be a bit quicker!


PS. Looking forward to Cross the Pond 2010 - I will have a copilot for the first time ever!