The Kharafi group of Kuwait has placed a new firm order for an Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ), for delivery in September this year.

The Kharafi group was the first customer for the Airbus ACJ, which Twinjet of the UK began operating on its behalf in November 1999, on a mixture of company business and ad hoc charters. The order also makes the Kharafi group the first repeat private client for the Airbus ACJ, and is thus a renewal of its confidence in the aircraft.

“We have been delighted with the comfort, flexibility and reliability of the Airbus ACJ, which has worked well for us on company business, as well as charters in the marketplace,” says Kharafi group Chairman Nasser Al Kharafi.

“Winning repeat business is always a great encouragement, and we are very happy to be continuing our Airbus ACJ partnership with the Kharafi group into the future,” says Airbus Vice President Executive and Private Aviation Richard Gaona.

Kharafi’s new Airbus ACJ will feature a cabin that combines luxury with business practicality, and room to relax with productive space. Finalisation of the cabin design and the selection of a cabin outfitter is under way.

The new Airbus ACJ will also be operated by Twinjet of the UK.

The Airbus ACJ Family has the best cabin in its class, with twice the width of traditional business jets and three times their volume.

Based on the A319 – part of the world’s most modern and successful airliner family – the ACJ is unique in having public transport certification, the common Airbus cockpit, fly-by-wire and Category 3B autoland. Yet it costs about the same as competing top-of-the-line business jets, delivering unmatched value.

As members of the modern Airbus A320 Family, the ACJ and A319 LR benefit from advanced fuel-saving aerodynamic design, including wingtip fences, the latest generation of fuel-efficient engines, cost-saving centralised maintenance and extended check-intervals, and unmatched passenger appeal.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE Systems.