Airbus has announced the launch of its modular approach to aircraft maintenance data for their new aircraft, the A380. This is an extension of Airbus’ existing advanced technical data consultation tool, called AirN@v. AirN@v will consist of five modules covering maintenance, engineering, repair, maintenance planning and workshop.

On the occasion of the launch, Thierry Rollin, Vice President, Technical Data Support & Services said “this modular approach assembles and groups appropriate data packages in preparation for our future fully ‘Service Orientated Data’ service. This future service will complete our move from paper and manual-orientated data to service-orientated data. These data packages will give the right information required to cover a specific event in aircraft maintenance”.

Airbus, with its progressive policy of applying new technology to existing Airbus aircraft families, will ensure that Airbus’ existing aircraft families will benefit from these new AirN@v modules and related data enhancements. These will be gradually introduced over the next few years. During this period there will be no rupture in standards or delivery of data as this technical data evolution will be totally transparent to the end-users of our technical data.

Moving towards a completely ‘seamless’ approach will give Airbus customers further significant gains in efficiency when accessing, managing and using their technical data. ‘Virtual reality’ will also be used to complement existing illustrations, where it would give added value.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE Systems.