Airbus highlights its top 10 suppliers in its Annual Supplier Support Survey, which reflects the results of the 2004 Customer Satisfaction, and Supplier Support Performances Evaluation.

The Survey conducted for 40 suppliers and rated by over 85 customers is designed by Airbus to recognise best performance and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as identifying areas for support improvement.

The major equipment suppliers to the Airbus family of aircraft are rated on the following criteria: ability to provide reliable equipment & systems; ability to ensure effective support services; and ability to provide competitive direct maintenance costs.

The top 10 suppliers of the “2004 Annual Supplier Support Survey” are: Airbus Avionics, Rockwell Collins Avionics, AOA/LGG, Honeywell Aerospace Electronics Systems, SAGEM, Diehl Avionik Systeme, Vibrometer, Technofan, APIC and Goodrich Fuel & Utility Systems.

Airbus’ rating system has been evaluating the support performance of its suppliers in terms of products, services and costs for over 15 years. This ranking has evolved with new standards being defined to measure suppliers’ performance and therefore help customers to achieve the best performance for their aircraft.

“Airbus wishes to recognise the efforts of the suppliers for their support performances during 2004,” says Patrick Gavin, Airbus Executive Vice President Customer Services. “The quality of the support to our client operators provided by suppliers is a key ingredient of customer satisfaction. The supplier support rating system provides an excellent platform for direct customer feedback.

“Moreover, this year’s results demonstrate that the rating is clearly accepted as a worldwide industry benchmark by both customers and suppliers,” Patrick continues. “For those suppliers who fail to make the support rating thresholds for performances, the rating provides a springboard to launch performance improvements along with clear indications from Airbus to drive the necessary improvement plans,” he concludes.

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE Systems.