Airbus and Teledyne Controls, a business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: TDY), announced the official release of their Flight Analysis and Safety Explorer AirFASE™. This jointly developed and supported Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system is designed to assist aircraft operators conducting flight operations, safety management, and aircraft maintenance programmes to reduce incidents and meet new regulatory authorities’ requirements.

Airbus and Teledyne Controls have started to deliver AirFASE to the 23 committed airlines using already-existing flight data analysis products from both Airbus and Teledyne Controls.

The new product’s availability was made official after the successful beta testing of AirFASE with Airbus and Boeing aircraft at two commercial airlines, TUI Group’s German arm Hapag-Lloyd, and Finland flag carrier Finnair. “After over two years of extensive development, working in close collaboration with Airbus, we are pleased to release a product as comprehensive as AirFASE,” said Tamas Igloi, director of Advanced Programs for Teledyne Controls. He added: “AirFASE provides a robust flight data measurement, analysis and reporting software tool that can benefit aircraft operators."

"AirFASE is a step forward in flight safety management which is at the core of Airbus policy. The product proposes ease of use that will allow very easy deployment to all type of airlines” said Patrick Gavin, Executive Vice President Airbus Customer Services.

Based on the long-standing and effective experience of Airbus and Teledyne in the field of flight safety product development, AirFASE offers a service-proven flight data analysis solution.
The new system is designed to translate aircraft data into meaningful information, allowing operators to evaluate flight operations trends, identify risk precursors, and therefore take information-based preventive/corrective actions.

AirFASE also enables airlines to maintain their flight operations monitoring programmes and harmonize them with regulatory agencies' recommendations and requirements, including Amendment 26 to ICAO Annex 6 Part 1, JAR-OPS1, and FAA Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program, 14 CFR Part 13.

AirFASE performs all the major functions of the flight data analysis process. A sophisticated Flight Analysis Program (FAP) reconstructs the flight, compares actual data with recommended values, and highlights abnormal events and deviations. Advanced visualization tools, including 3D animation, allow for the easy review of flight information, while a powerful and configurable reporting editor delivers comprehensive and customisable reports.

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