Following some libellous articles published in certain newspapers seeking to undermine the reputation and the image of the company and of its staff, Airbus wishes to clearly state and emphasise that the sales contract for 18 Airbus aircraft to the Russian airline Aeroflot was concluded in due form, and in compliance with all commercial and legal rules. Airbus sells its products world-wide on their merits in a correct and professional way.

Airbus is nonetheless confronted with what appears to be a campaign of anonymous and libellous denunciations, coupled with attempts at manipulating the media. There is no doubt that these are intended to harm the reputation of Airbus’ commercial teams and of its directors. Faced with these very disturbing manoeuvres, Airbus’ only resort is to consider, with its lawyers, the most appropriate legal means the company can use in order to put an end to them and to identify their originators.

Philippe Delmas, for his part, is lodging a complaint for false accusation.