Airbus Spares Support and Services, the aircraft manufacturer's spare part division within the customer services organisation, has been awarded the EN9100:2000 certification for its quality management. To gain EN9100:2000 certification, Airbus had to meet criteria which go even beyond the ones of the quality norm ISO9001, and cover specific requirements of the aerospace industry. The European EN9100:2000 aerospace series certification is equivalent to the SAE AS9100 norm of the US.

The EN9100:2000 certification is proof of an outstanding level of quality management at Airbus, and serves as assurance of quality towards customers. In many cases, customers accept the independently awarded EN9100:2000 certification as a guarantee of quality, instead of carrying out individual audits.

For Airbus Spares Support and Services a certificated quality management system is a necessary prerequisite for providing adequate services and aerospace products in line with safety requirements, as well as according to the customers' needs and expectations.

Based in Hamburg, Airbus Spares Support and Services is the first company in Germany to be awarded the EN9100:2000 certification. In addition to the Hamburg centre, the certificate also covers the Airbus Spares Centre in Ashburn VA, USA and the Airbus Support Center in Beijing, P.R.C. Airbus also operates satellite stores in Frankfurt, Germany and Singapore.

Airbus Customer Services covers all areas of support and is dedicated to helping airlines get the most out of their Airbus aircraft. Over the years, Airbus has developed an innovative and flexible approach to service, in partnership with its customers and suppliers. Today it provides the most competent front line support available and an ever-increasing range of customised support services that help airlines increase safety, achieve their goals and enhance the profitability of their fleets.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE SYSTEMS.