In 2002 Airbus continued to generate healthy commercial results despite the industry downturn. Its extensive high-tech product line and customer-focused approach, combined with industrial flexibility and the results of cost saving measures adopted in 2001, enabled Airbus to meet all its objectives for the year.

Airbus obtained 300 new firm orders worth US $24.3 billion in 2002, representing 54 per cent of the market in terms of aircraft units and 54 per cent in terms of value. Firm orders booked in 2002 comprised 235 A320 Family aircraft, 55 long range A330/A340s and 10 A380s.

Airbus delivered 303 aircraft, exceeding an annual delivery rate of 300 aircraft for the third consecutive year and generating an estimated turnover of €19.5 billion. These deliveries, comprising 236 single-aisles and 67 widebody and long range airliners, correspond to 44 per cent of the industry total, up six percentage points from 2001.

Airbus' year-end total orders stood at 4,632 orders, which takes into account 67 cancellations in 2002. Airbus' 2002 net order intake therefore stands at 233 aircraft worth US $18.4 billion – representing 57 per cent of the market in terms of aircraft units and 54 per cent in value.

With cumulative deliveries at year-end totalling 3,127 aircraft, Airbus' order backlog of 1,505 stands well ahead of the competition's for the third consecutive year and corresponds to 57 per cent of all large commercial aircraft on order which are yet to be delivered – up 2.6 percentage points from 2001. This solid backlog represents over five years of production at current rates.

2002 was a period of intense activity for Airbus. For the second time in its history the company conducted three certification campaigns concurrently, resulting in entry into commercial service of the new high-capacity A340-600, certification of its ultra-long range sibling the A340-500 and the passing of key certification milestones scheduled for the A318. Meanwhile, work on the A380 proceeded according to plan, with manufacturing now underway at all Airbus sites around Europe.

Airbus President and Chief Executive Noël Forgeard, presenting Airbus' 2002 results in Paris today, stressed that prudence and reactivity would continue to be key in the coming year. "On the one hand we will no doubt face many challenges, but on the other hand we look to the future with confidence, gained from the proven value of our products, the winning spirit of our people and our ability to have overcome hurdles in 2002," he said. "2003 promises to be an important turning point in Airbus' development."

Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE SYSTEMS.