I've mentioned this technology before... I knew this technology was in the works, but was not aware to what extent. I see this technology as a fantastic potential/advantage for some of our projection dilemma's. Imagine, no worries regarding focusing on curved screens needed

Recently I received my copy of Popular Science that had an article related to the Video Projector. I felt I MUST share this with my fellow builders.

The following comes indirectly from the on-line Popular Science Magazine.

Matt O.


Laser Projectors Coming to Cell Phones and PDAs
Friday, February 10 2006

Laser Projectors Coming to Cell Phones and PDAs

Light Blue Optics Demonstrates Matchbox-sized PVPro™ Projector Evaluation Kit

Light Blue Optics Ltd (LBO) has developed a revolutionary technology for miniature laser projectors dubbed PVPro™. Today they announced their latest demonstrator unit, which is only 3.78 cubic inches in volume, and is similar in size and shape to a typical matchbox.
Projectors based on PVPro technology can be used to display images from a range of mobile devices, including laptop computers, personal media players like the video iPod, digital cameras and even mobile phones.
LBO has developed unique laser-based projection technology, which uses computational algorithms and novel optical techniques to allow miniature lasers to display video images in real-time using the diffractive nature of laser light. This overcomes the size limitation of conventional projection techniques, allowing projectors to be smaller than ever before. Understand that there is no glass, no prisms, NO MOVING PARTS, and no need for fans to provide heat dissipation. In addition, it runs on less than 1.5W at full power and less than 350mW while displaying typical video images (50% average pixel amplitude. There is also an infinite focus, meaning that no matter how close or far away, there are no optics to adjust for a clear picture.
The latest monochrome ‘micro-mini’ version represents the third generation of the PVPro algorithms and optomechanical design. It is a crucial step in allowing the company’s customers to manufacture compact projectors for use in a range of applications.
Nic Lawrence, CEO, commented, “Our vision is to make it simple for people to share photos with their friends and to comfortably view mobile TV and music videos from their mobile devices. We believe that access to a large display, such as is provided by our PVPro projection technology, is key to increasing ease of use.”
Plus it's just plain cool.
The advantage of the Light Blue Optics approach is to address the four key requirements for a small batterypowered device. These are compact size, low power consumption, which allows the projector to be powered by typical portable battery technology, ease of use due to the focus-free operation of the system, and robustness both physically and in terms of error-tolerance.
PVPro technology is available today to manufacturers as an evaluation kit which includes a demonstration projector unit, appropriate PC software, technical documentation and a bundled package of technical support. Light Blue Optics is working with a select group of strategic partners to bring to market the first products based on PVPro technology.

Quick Specs:
Color Depth: Monochrome Green at 532nm (full color available late 2006)

Depth of Focus: Infinite (image remains in focus at any distance from the projector)
Resolutions Supported: QCIF, CIF, VGA, NTSC, 1024x512 (resolutions up to 2048x1280 including SXGA and S-HDTV available upon request)
Typical Diagonal Image & Brightness: 15" @ 50cd/m^2 (all pixels full brightness); 15" @ 200cd/m^2 (50% max average pixel amplitude)
Aspect Ratio Image: 7" @ 220cd/m^2 (all pixels full brightness); 7" @ 880cd/m^2 (50% max average pixel amplitude)
Electrical Power Consumption: 1.4W (max pixel power, all pixels); <350mW (50% max average pixel amplitude)
Light Blue Optics will be demonstrating the miniature PVPro evaluation kit at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, February 13-16 2006. For more information please visit www.lightblueoptics.com.