A while ago i promised you some product launches that will finish your sim, well...here is one of them.

NG style glare wings:

* modelled after the NG wings
* full scale
* Realistic looking surface structure
* real depth

The glare will be available in 2 seperate versions:
* Just the glare wings for those who want to build the glare themselves
* a complete glare section, with the glare wings, a powdercoated aluminium centre section for the mcp/efis and the glare shield.

Industrial grade Master Caution and Fire warn replica switches will be available seperately, as will the six packs

A cut out has been provided in the center section to provide flood lighting. Also space has been provided in the wing sections for flood lighting.

I will make some new pictures soon, but for now some pictures of the glare from the recent aviodrome show.

The glare will be added to the shop soon.