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    737 flightdeck dimensions

    I've been busy studying every dimension graphics, document, image etc. I can find on the net about the layout of the 737 pit (including many builder's sites from here). These are all great but there is also quite a bit of variation between many of them (which is understandable).

    I've just done my first draft of the flightdeck floorplan but I'm a bit nervous about whether I've got it right yet. I'd rather find mistakes now than later. So if you have a chance and know a bit about the 737 pit would you mind having a look at my draft:

    I'd really appreciate any constructive criticism. Cheers!

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    Pit dimensions

    Hi Nic,
    Whilst we all strive for realistic replicas I would advise that exact dimensions are not essential. My approach as an engineer was to make my sim ergonomically correct. My car seats are still on their adjustable rails allowing good seating for almost any size pilot. The scale of my MIP was determined by the dimensions of the 17" monitors I'm using. I held out my right hand to where I would like the throttle to be and that's where I installed it. Make it feel right and make it comfortable. Make sure your yoke clears your knees through full rudder deflections etc. When you climb in to your control seat it should feel like you are wearing it. If you get the seating position right, everything else falls into place.
    On a recent flight from Milan to Venice this pilot dozed off and only awoke with the sound of the engines spooling down out of fuel as I circled Venice at FL320. That proved the comfort factor and provided an unexpected twist to what should have been a routine trip.
    I have a great Boeing flight manual on PDF with loads of drawings that have been useful, yours if you wish.

    Regards Gwyn

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