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    EL Sheeting for Backlighting

    Hi Guys,

    I thought it would be more appropriate for us to continue our conversation on EL Sheets on this forum than on Pete's at FDS.

    I have been contacted by another EL Sheet wholesaler who has offered myself another free sample to test out our backlighting to see if it will be an effective solution. Will provide pictures once I have the sample and its applied to a FDS Elite panel.

    Haven't received pricing as yet. I hope it will be as competive as the previous supplier.

    Will keep you all informed through this post but feel free to contact me driectly on my email address if you feel the need to do so.

    Kind Regards,

    Brad Heller

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    Hi Brad. Is the sheeting becoming dificult to obtain? And how about colors?

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    el sheets

    Hi Bob,

    Not as far as I know. Just finding reasonable pricing is hard to find. Keep posted on this thread as i will give my feedback after recieving the sample.

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