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    Anyone interested I have the following items still for sale and a great opportunity to save some serious $$$. If your looking to build a Airbus 320 330 or 340 this is an incredible opportunity for you. If your looking to out it a generic cockpit like small CRJ style or military these would be perfect as well. Software is also available to purchase for great price.
    Photos available.
    Thrust levers are custom made very heavy duty unit all wired with pots attached just pots alone were $80 this unit can be attached directly to a I/O board and works great.
    Also can be back lit holes drilled for LCD placement. Smooth lever operation and each lever moves independently. Additionally it is designed so it perfectly connects each Airbus detent.

    Additionally still have a Beautifull fully wired Airbus Overhead A340 as well as pedestal can be used for A320 330 340
    And fully operational FCU plug and play A320 330 340
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