Hi guys,

I'd like to add a rumble wav file (looping continuously) when flying with gears extended, or with spoilers extended, optionally increase/decrease the soundlevel depending on airspeed. Does anyone know how to do this?
I played with PMsound but could not find an example how to trigger my rumble wav.
It is intended for the medium size GA planes.

Edit: I have solved the spoiler sound: All I needed to do was to select the nspdbrk.wav in PMsound. works great, even increases/decreases with amount of speedbrake extension and reduces below certain speed. How exactly this is done is beyond me. Can't seem to find the trigger & logic info in the ini/soundlst file. Hardcoded in PMsound?

Still trying to figure out the gear rumble. If anyone can help me make this work in the same way as the nspdbrk.wav is working I'd appreciate it. Maybe I'm just missing something in the soundlst file?