I have now installed the last version (396) of the CDU.
Since version 394 (before I used 388 I have problems with the speed in the sense that the CDU doesn't follow the lowest speed indicated on the CLB or DES page. For instance if the CLB page shows 300/.78 the CDU takes .78 in stead of 300 at low altitudes with a severe overspeed as result.

Now with the 396 I have even a more annoying problem. Whenever I change some setting (adding waypoint, putting STAR, changing altitude) the CDU looses its VNAV until its activated again. This means that the aircraft suddenly start to turn instead of following the old setting.

Is there anyone who can provide me the older versions after 388 and before 394 in the hope that one is doing fine for me

PS. I use GoFlight MCPPRO and Engravity CDU hardware.

Any help is welcome. Thanks