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    MCDU bugs reported & missing features

    All these have been reported to PM.



    - IMM Exit button does not work (ie. aircraft does not exit the holding pattern when getting to the fix). How can you exit the holding pattern? Currently, as the IMM Exit is not working, I select DIR TO the next waypoint (but in this way, the airplane fails to follow the LNAV inserted in the MCDU). “Resume HOLD” does not appear when selecting “IMM Exit”.

    - How can a missed approach procedure (MAP) be inserted? Theoretically, the MAP should be implemented in the navigational database (here, Navdata). Since I guess this is something we will not see in the near future (if at all), it would be helpful to be able to insert waypoints, fixes, etc. AFTER the destination airport.

    - The OVERFLY of a fix seems not to be working (the aircraft will not overfly, nor it is indicated on the ND or on the MCDU).

    - SID procedures do not appear on ND map before being inserted (they should appear in yellow).

    - Only 3 types of manual braking a re present in an Airbus (MIN, MED, MAX). The MAX is selected before takeoff. It is automatically deselected when disarming the speedbrakes. No need to manually turn it off after take-off.

    - Activating the APPROACH PHASE in the MCDU does nothing. Speed should be automatically reduced, etc.

    - ZFW seems not to be calculated correctly on the INIT B page. I get about 2 tonns more than shown on FS9 (using Project Airbus).

    - ZFWCG is not calculated.

    - Trim setting for take off is always DN1.5, independently of the TOW (Take Off Weight). Furthermore, on the PERF TO page, you should be able to limit the max Trim setting (where it states to introduce the Flaps position and the Trim). However, no matter what value is introduced here, the Trim always is set at DN1.5.


    - Alternate flightplan.
    - Temporary Flightplan (yellow lines).
    - Approach phase modelling (automatic speed reduction).
    - ZFWCG calculation.
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    In Addition we can't change the ENG OUT Acceleration.
    The INIT B page is not more available when the engines are running on the real aircraft

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